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The YfC Czech news - November 2019

“For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways,” declares the Lord“As the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways and my thoughts than your thoughts."   (Isaiah 55:8)



Dear beloved friends, greetings to you from our town!

Our youngsters give us some hard time – both blood-related and unrelated. However, in all that we search how to offer ourselves effectively and lovingly, and also how to pass on a piece of God´s truth. An occasional guest that serves by sharing the scripture or by leading some workshop always means a great joy and a great deal of help for us. We are very grateful for Ester who led an Advent workshop in November. Under her leadership, each one of us could make his/her own Christmas candlestick.

We are grateful for each prayer!

Best regards, Petr and Pavlinka from the club “Haven” – on the right wave


- For the thirst after the life with God for both us as well as the children

- So that young people from the club „Haven“ could realize the depth of God´s love that will lead them towards the deliverance


The clubs in November were quite fine, since I had a great deal of help and support in an older married couple – John and Jill – that spent two months in Hlinsko as missionaries. We have known each other for a longer period of time. John enjoyed organizing competitions in running up and down the stairs and exercising on time (even though he himself wears an orthesis on his leg), and he also taught the boys to play billiards. Jill was also a great help, and she taught the kids some English words. I am so grateful for them!

The people from church are also trying to help – a young married couple visited us last week, and I am expecting another couple at the first club in December. In short, God is taking care of me and does not leave me alone, even though it is still more or less surviving from week to week.

It is diverse with the kids. Sometimes, a lot of them comes to the club, and it is pretty wild and sometimes, it is totally calm. The most regular visitors are two gipsy sisters. I was able to talk with them about God – the fact that we met Jehovah´s witnesses in the town, and also the fact that they learn about evolution at school played into my hands. A group of 11-years old boys sometimes comes to the clubs.

I am very grateful for your prayers and your support! It is very important for me.


- There is one 18-year-old girl that has been on my heart a lot lately. She used to help at the clubs a lot, but this year she is graduating from high school, and she is preparing for college, and so she´s got a lot of work. She has been searching a lot in the spiritual manners. She has been coming to the Sunday services every week since the summer camp, and she also had a couple of deep conversations with our leaders.

- Then there is another 18-year-old friend of mine, I invited her to come to the Sunday service a long time ago, but she has not found the time yet.

I will be grateful for your prayers for these girls. It would be great, if a new, shining light came into their lives

CHOCEŇ (Honza)

Blessings of peace to you, brothers and sisters in our common work!

I am constantly grateful for you and for everything that you do not only for us, but also for “our” children that we care for on our clubs. Your prayers as well as other means of support are like a load-bearing column that stands on a firm foundation – Jesus Christ.

The last month was a month of extremes. After I had to throw some of the kids out of the club at the end of October, they came back the next week and acted as if nothing happened. Young people have their hearts full of pain and anger which is why they react with an attack in critical situations. Sometimes, the only thing we can do about is to wait patiently for them to calm down and to pray in the meantime. The next week, they come back again longing to be with us. Please, keep us in your prayers. There are also some young people on our clubs that have problems with drugs and have self-harm tendencies.

I am really happy about one of the leaders called David who had to lead the club on his own one time, and it turned out really great.

My beloved wife Pavla organized a special “Creative workshop” for girls for the second time, and it was really blessed. Misa, our sister in Christ from our church, has been helping Pavla with these workshops – we are grateful to God for her.

The biggest encouragement for us was probably the fact that 8 girls attended the RSC weekend event.


- For the wisdom for the leaders, so we could show upon the Christ in the right way

- For the protection for the teenagers at our clubs

- For the deliverance from addictions and traumas


We continue our “The Bible in a nutshell” series. This time, our teenagers were supposed to read and think about various sections of a book from the Bible (each had a different book) as a homework and then present it to the others. It was very good both for them as well as for us.

A you can see in the picture above, we organized a hike into the Beskid Mountains on one cold Friday night (for those of you who know your way around, we hiked the Smrk “Spruce“ mountain).

The next week, we organized a movie night with hot dogs (sadly, no photo). We invited some kids and teenagers from the neighbourhood to this event. A lot of us got together there. In the movie we watched, the message of the Gospel is very well portrayed, and we had a chance to talk about it personally with a couple of kids.

One thing has been on my heart for a long time now, but I put it into God´s hand and waited how he himself will act. It was the same in Vysoke Myto and it took a couple of years before God opened the door. Nonetheless, he is the one who has time in his hands and knows each person. Me and Majkl very MUCH desire to get to know the parents of some of the teenagers (we know some of them already ) and the kids that come to our clubs. This month, we were able to meet two wonderful mothers (one of a teenage boy and one of a younger boy), and they accepted us kindly. In this, I can see a God´s open door into new, even bigger things that he himself has prepared for us. We long to see young people living with God, but EVEN MORE we long to see WHOLE FAMILIES following Christ, letting him heal and restore them.


- Praise the Lord, for he really is GOD who leads, speaks and carries out his work

- We are grateful for all the kids and young people we can meet (both regularly and less often)

- We are grateful for their families, and we pray for them – a lot of them are broken, non-functional, and they need God´s love and acceptance

- We ask for prayers for ourselves – so that we were able to follow God truthfully, listen to him, await him and then act in accordance to his will


During this month, RSC looked more like meetings of the leading team. We haven´t had any kids for some time. Thanks to that, we were able to have some great time with the leaders. We were sharing experience from our own lives and talked about Christian topics. To our surprise, 6 kids came to the third club, and it was a very good club. The next week, we had another cooking club, but sadly without our chef Fifulda which was reflected in the result. We made a pudding that was too sweet and soup-like in its consistence. Please, do not judge us for not being able to make a pudding.


- So that more kids would come to the clubs

- So that we get more ideas for enjoyable programmes for the kids


TWO WORLDS – that was the name of our weekend Rock Solid event that took part in Hlinsko. As girls and boys, we live in our own worlds – that´s why the name.

On Friday, we had a get-to-know-you evening with demonstrative songs and a lecture from Tomas Rehak with the topic “Girls and Boys”. We spent Saturday separately. The boys were outside for the whole day (with their main programme – each of them caught, killed, disemboweled and baked their own fish), whereas the girls stayed inside and turned into princesses (they applied face masks, polished their nails, made various hairdos). With this, they were actually answering 2 main questions that boys and girls often struggle with – girls: “Am I beautiful? And boys: “Do I have the guts?”. In both groups, the young people were learning about God´s intentions with them and that they have the same value for him as women and men, although they have different tasks. In the evening, we were sharing our thoughts about how a real man and a wonderful woman should look like/be like (both groups separately). On Sunday, we visited the service in the local Apostolic Church, and it was quite cheerful.

The whole weekend was very loud and lively, but we were also able to feel God´s love, and how it approached each kid personally and gently. We are incredibly grateful for this event.

Thank you for all your prayers!



This time, our young participants were encouraged by an enthused lady from Canada (in the picture). She was talking about how to be in God´s power. That the Devil always runs away from us when we stand up to him. Only invisible things are forever. That is why we should let the Lord lead us, we should await him, await what he wants to do. It was very encouraging. Time-proven bands (Timmy, Radka) led us into worship, and so it was worth it.


Greetings to all my siblings in Christ.

One of the Konektor events took place in November. It was a regular autumn sleepover in Vysoke Myto. The attendance was lesser this time, but God still acted. I believe that wherever people start the journey and fully devote themselves to God´s leadership, numbers don’t matter. There is greater joy in heaven because of one person who is touched by God than because of 99 righteous ones. God changed us and led us. Foreign missionaries Pam and Roland had a wonderful lecture about a relationship with God. After that, a local band called the Rock Solid Band led all participants into God´s presence and worship. The youth group from the Baptist Church in Vysoke Myto joined our ranks, together with a couple of people from Hradec Kralove and its surroundings. God is always reminding me an important lesson – wherever we stop dealing with who is from where and whose theology is the correct one, that´s where God acts and gives his blessings.

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The YfC Czech news - November 2019