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Newsletter 01/2020

"What no eye has seen, nor ear heard, nor the heart of man imagined, what God has prepared for those who love him."   (1 Corinthians 2/9)


BRUNTÁL (Petr and Pavlína)

Our beloved friends,

We are a little late with the latest news, and so let me try to fly through events of the winter months in Bruntal. We spent all that Chrismassy time in December without any major events (with the exception of the New Year´s Eve which was great), however we met abundantly and gladly.

Last year in September, I spent some time in prayer in the clubroom. At that time, I was feeling that we are about to experience a breakthrough, a change. I have a feeling that we are witnessing it right now. After about two years of our service in the Haven, the youth group became more stable and a community was created. Nowadays, we don´t just serve them the program, but we create it together. For example, December is a wonderfully dark month for an evening hide-and-seek game or never-ending Chinese whispers full of laughter and pure joy. I am extremely grateful for that to God. On the last club, one of the girls, that hasn´t had an easy time at home, admitted: “I am happy to come here, I feel safe here.” Another one told us about her conversation with her grandma the other day: “I go to the parish on Fridays, grandma.” Her grandma just looked baffled in answer. “Is there a problem, grandma?” asked the girl.

We can see that the girls come here gladly. I am very happy about it. I then very much enjoy thinking about how to build the group further, pass on God´s values and learn to live by them together. The club is a wonderful training area for the real life. I understand it like a God´s school for young hearts. They learn a lot in their own schools, but here we have time to learn from the best teacher and Master, Jesus Christ. And Jesus is great, he knows how to lead a victorious life. That is why we need him so much, all of us. May God bless you, may you be with him, and last but not least, we are very grateful for your support in the year 2019.

P.S.: Bruntal is a beautiful place. There is so much to write about, but there is no space for everything. Nevertheless, you are invited to visit us, and you can experience a part of God´s adventure with us. Or even better, you can move here :).


- We are grateful for everything

- We pray for our family, so that we can be filled with the Holy Spirit, and let our hearts be on fire

- We pray for the teenagers, so they could experience the real life

- We pray for the church, so it would grow in numbers, and for new people in service


First rays of dawn?

I have to say that things really started to move :). The two gipsy girls from the Lighthouse started to come regularly on Sundays, and they joined the Sunday school group. I feel like we should interlink our church children with the Lighthouse kids. In addition to that, three pre-school kids started to come with their mothers. Before we realized it, we had 8 kids coming on Sundays, and it would be a shame not to work with them. I am thrilled that we were able to set up a new room for the little ones and put a couple of people together that will lead the Sunday school for younger and older children :). I can see a great blessing for our church in these children, for they change the atmosphere and bring life.

I started to teach the kids verses from the Bible on the Lighthouse, explaining them, why these are good for our life and how they lead to God. Of course that we still play some games, it´s not all about the serious stuff :). I don´t know how this will continue, but I feel that it´s got a great value and that the kids are touched by it somehow. Plus, I got myself an assistant – a young girl from the church helps me. She is still getting used to the clubs and the wild kids, so we will see how this will work out. It is my dream that the Lighthouse will be taken care of by a group of volunteers that will create the atmosphere of home, friendship and acceptance. Hopefully, this is the first ray of dawn! :)

I also visited the Honza´s club in Chocen. In the train on the way there, I couldn´t help feeling a little bit odd and thought to myself “Why am I even going there? I´m not going to be of any help,” etc. But as I was about one block away from the clubroom, I heard shouting all the way across the street: “Is it Hanka?? Look, there!! Is it the Lighthouse??” And the moment I waved back, I had a group of teenage girls sprinting towards me, everybody wanting to be the first one to hug me :). In the end, I had quite an action, but great and open time with the kids. And do you know what? I realized that these kids are the exact reason why I can´t have a regular job. I was again deeply touched and assured that my heart beats to be with them and for them. These kids are often uncontrollable by their parents as well as their teachers, they can be malicious towards each other, scaring one another… but somewhere deep inside, they are actually hurt and are searching for love. And their life is awaiting a change :).

CHOCEŇ (Honza)

Hello dear friends, and everyone that keeps us in mind.

After the Christmas break and rest, we jumped into the new club with joy and strength. We organized a nice trip, looked for the “Rocksolidaak” bird, that is invisible and lays wonderful Kinder Eggs.

It happened to me couple of times that the kids came to the club half an hour earlier and waited there. When they found out I was inside, they wanted to come inside too, even though there was a different program there. I always let them in and talked to them calmly (that´s right, CALMLY). The kids aren´t afraid to talk about their problems, and sometimes they let me pray for them. Thank you, Lord.

However, everything isn´t perfect (even though I wish for it secretly). Especially the girls have serious problems with each other and deeply hurt one another through social networks. They give vent to their pain on the clubs, attack others verbally, and so they don´t always pay attention to the programs, and sometimes, I have to send them away.


- We pray for patience, wisdom and guidance of the Holy Spirit for the leaders

- We pray, so that the relationships between the teenagers as well as their wounds would be healed

- We pray for deeper conversations, and so that the teenagers would be open to the Gospel

VALMEZ (Réňa and Majkl)

January was a “kick off” month for us.

With the teenagers from the youth group, we started to “train” for the clubs for younger children. We´ve got a club for the young ones every second Friday in the month, and the teenagers decided to join in organization of games and competitions. We are starting slowly but surely :). Me and Majkl are extremely grateful for these teenagers. Their hearts are beautiful.

We continue praying, so that the door to other people would open. We organized a “skiing event in Slovakia” and a “movie night”, where everybody could invite their friends. However, nobody came safe our own teenagers (but we had a great time together still). We keep praying for persistence and patience. We believe that God will break that, the people we invite really do come, and they will be “hungry” for God.

In February, we will organize a big Valentine´s day party, where the kids can come to decorate little heart-shaped gingerbreads for their mums, grandmas, aunties etc. We prayed for this event and decided to make a change. In the end of this event, the children won´t go home alone, but accompanied by all of us (the teenagers). We would love for their parents to meet and get to know us. We shall greet them, invite their mothers, sisters and other women to the creative workshop and then go back :). This is a BIG THING for us :) and the greatest prayer need for the next month. Please, pray with us, so that God would visit their homes with us – and his grace, peace, love and joy would fill their hearts, and both parents and children would experience Father´s closeness and conciliation.

We are very grateful for your prayers!! YOU ARE INDISPENSABLE FOR US :)!!


- We praise God for everybody from the youth group and our church

- We are grateful for all the younger children that come to the club

- We pray for the Valentine´s day party and the visiting of families afterwards – let the things that are in God´s heart happen, and we can only enter them


We started January with a calm club, where the main part of the program was to write a letter to our future self. The kids were supposed to write what they would like change about themselves, what they like about themselves etc. They will look at it in a year´s time and see, what they accomplished and what not. It was initially a good idea, but we found out that they have enough of writing at school, and so the letters were written in a heartbeat.

The next week, we had the traditional cooking club with our chef Fila. This time, we made pizza. Everybody took a piece of dough that they had to roll first with their hand (a rolling pin is in short supply in church kitchens). After the successful rolling (or smashing, to be more precise), we were able to add different ingredients. Even though the result did not at all remind us of the store-bought pizza, everybody liked it. We even had a visit from girls from the last generation of the Rock Solid club that have now their own families and children.

The next week, we saved some money by not buying tickets to the movies and made our own cinema. We screened a wonderful movie called “Fireproof”. If you haven´t seen it yet, you should do it right now. We even bought popcorn to create the right atmosphere. We were able to create the atmosphere despite the fact that the popcorn was cheese flavoured and smelled really bad. There was even one hungry boy who was brave enough to eat the cheese popcorn, even though we warned him about it. Two boys that we haven´t seen in a while showed up that day, and so everybody could see and hear in the movie, about how Jesus can change lives.

We keep praying, so that God would show us, what kind of programs to create that the kids would enjoy and where we as leaders could show, how Jesus can change our lives. I am grateful that we became such good friends after the years.

We will be really glad should anyone join our prayers.

THE MINISTRY of Radek and Janinka Palacky

Greeting to you, our friends,

we were able to successfully end the year 2019 and start the year 2020.

We spent our fifth Christmas in Morkov with our family in peace and with gratitude. Our house keeps standing, and we keep receiving the mercy that we have been blessed with by the generation of our grandpa and grandma.

We started December in Zeliv at the Father´s Heart event with the Czech and the Slovak team. We were able to see some people that went through a great beautiful change and renewal. New people joined the service. We are grateful for the prior Tadeas who created a wonderful environment for the Father´s Heart seminars.

During December, we invited the team RUAH from Bratislava to pray with us for the people that serve at the Father´s Heart events.

I finished the small biblical groups for men. At our meetings in the “Aquarium”, we talked about the Holy Spirit and prayed for one another.

In the middle of January, we gathered in the “Father´s barn” with some guys. God put together a varied fellowship from different parts of Bohemia, Moravia and Slovakia. We shared jokes, experience and bratwurst . The Father´s Heart is open to fellowship, healing and life. I am grateful to Pali, Jarek, Honza and Pavel for a wonderful cooperation. We didn´t have much snow, but we had all the more cleansing mercy for God´s warriors who needed encouragement.

On the last weekend, we organized a “Family Day” (a family gathering) in the Immanuel centre for the Father´s Heart team. We were there together with our daughters. We were encouraged by strong and sincere sharing. We are grateful for the last year and we pray for the next one.

Finally, a story from school:

After the man´s only weekend event, I gave lecture within two new programmes for 7th / 8th grade boys on the topic: “A journey of a boy – how to overcome dangers of adolescence”. We had an open conversation with 20 young boys. The 7th graders surprised me with their honesty and openness.



Greetings to all our supporters, we are very grateful for you.

In the last couple of months, we were able to set up quite a few things. Having meetings, negotiating things, counting or making phone calls, these are just some of the things we do lately. However, the festival is slowly but surely taking shape. You can look forward to a busy program full of wonderful people. The first piece of information will soon appear on our website (www.navysinach.cz) as well as our social networks.

Finally, I would like to ask you for your support. Please, pray for the festival. We truly believe that we shall witness great things, starting here in Prague.


Greetings from Prague!

The last FYW meeting was special, since it was a 10 year anniversary of the Friday evening youth group meetings.

Radka Novotna, a bearer of this vision, told us a little bit about the history and the course of the Friday Youth Wine in the last years. The vision was to create a meeting platform for young people at the time when the night life starts in the streets of Prague, which is often dangerous and risky period of time for adolescent Christians. The goal was to inspire young people by thirst after God, freedom in worship and by uniting often arguing denominations in what we have in common: worship and giving thanks to our God. Except for worship, people could also share their testimonies: how did they learn about this event, what did it give to them, and how did common worship help them move their relationship with God forward.

It is wonderful to see, that regardless of denomination or event, when people come together longing to know God with their hearts pure, and wanting to know his will in a way they never experienced before, God comes with his power and creates new things. We are curious about what God has planned for us for the future, and we are thankful that he is able to find a way, how to bring us closer to him. I pray that all of you shall fulfil God´s desires, and that your face may shine with his presence.

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Newsletter 01/2020